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Marlin Square: A New Project by Trillium

A new partnership has risen between Trillium Sales and Marketing and Al-Khatib Plus. This partnership has resulted in the birth of a new spectacular project: "Marlin Square” on Wednesday the 21st of September 2016.

Marlin Square is an art complex located in Jiyyeh – which is a seaside town 23 km away from the city of Beirut, overlooking both Lebanon’s Mediterranean coastline and mountainous landscape. The project is a highly ended one, built with natural store and a monocouche paint making Marlin Square a contemporary symbol of modernism.

It is a unique combination of commercial and residential spaces, consisting of two blocks. Block A that offers 2 commercial levels as well as 2 residential levels of apartments ranging between 126 to 150 sqm.
While, Block B consists of 1 level of store rooms and 2 levels of apartments. The infrastructure of commercial spaces in both blocks offers stores with sizes ranging from 82 to 225 sqm and offices varying between 138 and 153 sqm with mezzanine.
All a total of 20 apartments, 9 stores, 6 offices and 81 parking spaces without missing the basement storage unit.

Marlin Square is the dream project guaranteeing security and satisfaction as well as being a convenient place for both business and home seekers. Its high ending comprehensive structure in two blocks made it a modern and notable landmark in the Jiyyeh Area. It is really your place to "Build Memories” or "Build Success”.