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A New Partnership , Two New Projects

A New Partnership : Two New Projects
Trillium Development in partnership with Al-Dar Development has launched two of its new projects Avenue 781 and The Address, on June 21st 2016 in Eau De Vie Hall at Pheonicia Hotel in Beirut.
The two projects represent commercial centers made up of offices and commercial spaces satisfying the needs of all people with different business mentalities.

Avenue 781, located in Chiyah – Mar Mkhayel is special by its simple external architectural design. As it consists of 100 offices built on 20 story levels, with commercial spaces over viewing an external backyard with 2 restaurants and 4 showrooms.
However, The Address is built on 4600 square meters’ land located in Jnah area. It is a center of 3 typical story levels, each level with 26 offices. The first two floors consist of showrooms overlooking an internal yard that could be invested as restaurants or cafes for both center visitors and employees.

During the launching ceremony, the CEO of Trillium Development, Mr.Mustapha Ahmad expressed the extent of his faith in the charm and beauty of the country Lebanon , stressing that : " we launch these projects to show the world that we do believe in our country , no matter what others think , we still believe in the great potentials of its people as it can result in incredible projects like those.”

However, Mr.Musa Sharaf , the CEO of Al-Dar Development emphasized that " our company’s projects in the capital Beirut were the result of our faith and hope in the capabilities of our country and nation Lebanon .”
Pointing out, that the delivery period for the two projects is going to be 3 years assuring that "delivery will be surely on time”. As he stressed back to the respect and commitment of Al- Dar Development referring back to it as the permanent slogan of the company.
Through the final words of his speech, he thanked the Banking sector and specially Fransa Bank whom funded the two projects.

The ceremony included a third speech by Ali Kabalan, the General Manager of Al-Dar Development that presented the details of The Address project, showing the location as a strategic one for all businesses from clinics to law firms and others. The sizes of the offices at the center varies between 50 and 150 square meters, as it contains 18 showrooms of sizes between 67 and 220 square meters, in addition to parking spaces that fits for 327 cars.
Concerning the presentation of Avenue 781, it was explained by the Sales Manager of Al-Dar Development, Joanna Khatib, as she shed the light on the architectural specifications of the project, as it contains tenths of offices varying between 85 and 450 square meters and showrooms between 238 and 480 square meters. Referring that they specialized the first ground floor for restaurants investors.