Trillium Holding Profile

Since its establishment Trillium Holding has cemented its reputation as one of the leading construction, real estate and trading companies in the Middle East and Africa. With its five major entities, Trillium Holding has successfully executed a vast array of major projects resulting in a portfolio that reflects unparalleled quality, professionalism and expertise.

How We Operate ?

Trillium Holding consists of four separate businesses: Trillium Development Group, Trillium Technical Services and Logistics, Trillium Sales and Marketing, and Trillium Construction. Each with its own strategy and functionality, yet with a shared vision and mission, to provide clients with the very best.

We conduct our day-to-day operation in an atmosphere of complete transparency and continuously produce prodigious results for our valued customer base.
Our primary concern is always to cater to the needs of our clients, whether they be prospective home owners, building partners or consumers. We make it an uncompromising priority to conduct all our business on time and within set budgets.

Our People

Trillium Holding managed to maintain its high standards because of the people that have been building the blocks of the company’s success. Every member of our staff from those on cite , to those in the company and those offshore, all have the desire and motivation to excel in their respective fields of business.

For each development project or business transaction that we oversee, a reliable team of managers possessing the skill and know-how is assigned according to the specific requirements at hand.
Many of our project engineer's administrators and foremen have gone on to become shareholders , which has intensified their dedication and commitment to see the company prosper.

Mission and Vision

Success is a different term and can mean a great many thing to different organizations. At Trillium Holding success is measured through three inter-related key elements: profitability as well as the satisfaction of our clients and personnel. Following the straight forward logic, our vision and mission encompass the ideals and philosophy that allow us to continue to bring forth better business practices.

Vision: To develop and construct down breaking projects worldwide in the fields of construction and real estate as well as carry out exemplary trading operations while simultaneously providing quality and dependability that sets the standard in the industry.
Mission: To be leaders in our fields of operation , we aim to provide quality construction and engineering services in the Middle East and Africa and to form long-term relations with valued clients and partners.

"We will consistently be prepared to work in challenging conditions and promise to always provide the best possible solutions to meet the needs of our clients".