The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) is part of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, whose projects
and services are targeted to the most vulnerable and needy people in our community, as well as,
any person in need of help; since our goal is to alleviate and minimize the sufferings of people.

In Lebanon the Red Cross Fund is highly dependent upon donations and the annual fund raising
campaign which is held during the month of May. These donations help maintain the services
which LRC offers and contributes to all of the organizations activities.

The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC/ Tyre branch) covers the city of Tyre and 72 other villages in the
South and is run by its President, Muzayane Ajami, who is the energy and effort behind it all.
The local committee consists of 122 volunteers who constitute the general assembly and the
administrative mini-committee.

For several years the LRC departments occupied rented space. In 2006, the Lebanese government
granted the LRC/Tyre branch a land to build their own establishment. LRC had to find sponsors to
support such a project that would bring together all of the various LRC sections under one roof
to improve and better our services and coordination.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and private donations financed the construction of
the building. The ground floor contains 5 different clinics including 1 dental clinic and a pharmacy. The dental clinic
was generously donated and totally equipped by Mustapha Ahmad of Trillium Development,
who felt a need to back a project that would provide for a special need to the community.