Trillium Development is continuously trying to partake in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in order to give back to our community and encourage a positive impact on our environment.

Let us introduce to you The Neonate Fund affiliated with AUBMC- a charitable initiative by 5 mothers whose newborns required immediate medical attention. They know how devastating this experience can be and are dedicated to assisting less fortunate families to ensure that all newborn babies get the adequate medical care, regardless of their families financial, religious, ethnic or social backgrounds.

Each year in Lebanon, around 8,500 babies are admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units upon delivery. These babies are born either too soon or too sick to survive on their own. They require special care in well-equipped and expertly staffed facilities. Unfortunately, many of these babies come from underprivileged families that cannot afford to pay for such care- care that is crucial for their survival.