Reforestation constitutes a vital challenge for Lebanon. As part of its Corporate Social
Responsibility, Trillium Development has joined Jouzour Loubnan Forestation Program
Where it shall help Jouzour Loubnan into adding "One m² of a newly created forest for each m² Trillium Development Clients are buying.”

Jouzour Loubnan shall issue a certificate of Reforestation of Lebanon for Vermehlo Clients as a proof of their contribution with Trillium Development in the process of expanding the green areas in the country. Each bought up SQM shall help adding a One SQM of green space.

Jouzour Loubnan is a Non-Governmental Organization that has Planted 32.000 trees in Ouyoun
El Siman - Kfardebian, Chabrouh - Faraya, Ehmej, Aynata – South Lebanon, Akoura & Tarchich with
a survival rate over 90% to-date. Maintained, irrigated & protected all the trees planted. Financed
a laboratory for seed germination and conservation at USJ - Faculty of science. Conducted
awareness campaigns through forestation campaigns, seminars, exhibits and through media