Trillium International

A member of Trillium Holding

An entity called Trillium International is created to present itself in the plan of expanding the business in the field of oil and gas specifically in the Middle East and the African continent. Trillium International has established a company headquartered in Beirut Lebanon that implements oil and gas trading, mining and logistics and transportation services in Lebanon, Iraq,Afghanistan, Djibouti,Morocco, and Sierra Leone for major corporations and customers.

The company has become a leading entity under the umbrella of Trillium Holding, where its services in the energy industry have been upstream for more than ten years for oil operations mainly involving fuel trading business. This enabled its management to work with oil producers, refiners, as well as fuel trading and logistics companies in order to develop active relation ships with end-buyers,resellers and supplies within the industry of fuel trading domestically and internationally.

Trillium International
management and staff adhere to believe in ethical and professional standards committed to serving the needs of out buyers and the rigid  procedural requirement of our suppliers. We are receptive to working with qualified and experienced intermediaries.