Trillium Technical Services & Logistics

A member of Trillium Holding

Company Profile

Trillium Technical Services and Logistics : TTSL is a logistics provider specializing in full-service, client-specific solutions. Our collaborative effort of people, technology and location allow our customers to gain differentiation in their target markets and win customers. TTSL has been built on relationships. From the very beginning it has always been about building a better team around the founding tradition of high quality service.

At TTSL our number one goal is how to produce good results within a good relation with our clients. Our dedications to teamwork, technological advancement, and customer satisfaction have made the success of our customers the basis of ours.
-Highly trained staff with 24 hours operation.
- A modern fleet of trucks.
-Late order cutoff times and load consolidation.
- Customized processes.
- Public and contract warehousing solutions.
- Sophisticated, world-class systems solutions.
- Retail Compliance and EDI expertise.
TTSL group has also a service arm that extends to all sectors of retail industry, from fashion to restaurants and coffee shops.
Its partners have a general trading activity of over 17 factories established in Senegal, Angola, Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Nigeria,
Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia, and Tanzania. And their activities vary from toothpaste,
Cosmetics, plastic bags, mattresses, hair extension, furniture and cleaning products. We are also experienced in the food industry as
we worked in the import of poultry, milk, and other food products to Guinea. Other than food products,

Due to these trading activities TTSL has established a strong distribution channel all over Africa and is capable of mobilizing staff in a quick and efficient manner