Trillium Sales & Marketing

A member of Trillium Holding

Company Profile

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever before & most sales people think that price is the only motivating buying factor. We know that a well-informed buyer will usually base much of his decision on the value proposition presented by the sales person. We know how to create this value with each customer, prospect, or buyer they encounter.

Trillium Holding has opened its sales & marketing offices in Erbil – Kurdistan Region in 2013 under one of its subsidiary companies i.e.Trillium Sales & Marketing to provide the expertise got in selling and promoting real estate projects to the Iraqi real estate developers. Our extensive experience in different market situations taught us to adopt a dynamic, flexible and progressive sales approaches throughout the project’s life cycle,selling rates adjustment,selling volume increase or decrease, etc. Trillium Sales & Marketing will continue to work effectively in the Iraqi market as it is providing its services in Lebanon as well.

It all begins by giving the client a good and professional first impression, how do we do that?

Sales Services:

-Defining targeted categories .
-Preparing the project sales plans.
-Preparing project sales budgets .
-Developing and updating the sales’ database .
-Linking sales' rates with the cash flow of the project's financial commitments.
-Developing sales tools and techniques
-Setting up the inventory release strategy
-Building up professional relationship with our business partners (i.e.Brokerage firms,freelancers…)
-After sales-customer service:updating the customers with the project status, and handling any objection which might occur.
-Setting up a collection system in order to ensure a steady cash flow against the project.
-Updating the sales department with a periodic market knowledge.
-Competitors’ analysis
-Creation of a steady inquiry engine: by participating in road shows, exhibitions,etc…
-Intensive sales and marketing training to the concerned parties
-Recruiting additional staff/positions to match the market/product need.
-Develop selling process required for each project.
-Define sales targets and sales commissions.
-Provide adequate training and guidance on project prior to project launch

Marketing Services:

-Defining targeted categories.
-Preparing the project marketing plans.
-Preparing project marketing budgets
-Linking sales' rates with the cash flow of the project's financial commitments.
-Preparing media plans, selecting the best media channels required for the project.
-Project launching events, executing of advertising campaigns and development of advertising materials.
-Developing sales and marketing tools and techniques.
-Executing the marketing activities
-Monitoring and controlling the execution of marketing activities.
-Closing marketing activities and determine lesson learned.
-Planning, directing, and coordinating various marketing activities of projects from initiation to closure.