Trillium Construction

A member of Trillium Holding

Company Profile

Trillium Construction is one of the leading construction firms in the Middle East and North Africa, operating within more than 10 districts and areas throughout the region. we have completed projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Djibouti, and have established offices in Beirut and Kabul. We focus on offering extensive engineering and architectural services to a wide roster of clients in diverse international markets. Since taking over the construction business of Trillium Holding, Trillium Construction has been consistently recognized for completing large and challenging projects in taxing conditions, always on schedule and always meeting budget concerns.

From residential and buildings, to clinics, schools, universities, training centers, warehouses, military camps, and police stations, communication towers, ministries as well as other government facilities, Trillium Construction manages to seamlessly incorporate efficiency and professionalism in every one of its undertakings. The company also carries out highly specialized infrastructure projects, including bridges and power plants, among others. In addition to construction, we also employ an expert team to complete renovations as well provide special supplies and logistic support.

As part of our complete range of services, Trillium Construction also supplies pre-engineered steel frames and panels for the on-site construction of schools, gymnasiums and other general steel structures. We have the capabilities to erect mass-produced, pre-engineered factories, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls, housing units, airports terminals, automotive plants and office complexes to meet the varying construction needs of our clients.

Using the combined extensive experience and expertise of our employees, each of whom has demonstrated excellence in their respective field Trillium Construction has proven its unfailing ability to turnaround even the most challenging of construction developments.

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